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Easy Online Appointment Booking at Irys Clinic – Secure Your Visit Today

Dr. Farhad Nassiri Afshar, MD, FRCPC

American Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician 

Affiliated with Queen's Medical Center and Hawaii Pacific Health Center 

Choose Your Appointment Type:  Telemedicine

Select either the 'In-Person Visit' or 'Telemedicine Visit' button to book your appointment easily. 

Choose your preferred appointment type at Irys Clinic with just a click.

Our online system, available 24/7, allows you to conveniently set up the service, date, and time that suit your needs, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience tailored to your preference.

*******Bookings are tentative until we confirm your insurance. Complete Online Forms within 24 hours of booking or your appointment will be auto-canceled ******

Before finalizing your appointment, it's important to read our clinic policies. After booking, you'll receive online forms to fill out, including vital insurance information such as your insurance subscriber ID number and a photo of your insurance card. These forms are required to be completed within 24 hours of making your appointment. If not received in time, the appointment will automatically be canceled. Adhering to these guidelines helps us provide a smooth and efficient service for all our patients.

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