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Comprehensive Patient Policies at Irys Medical Clinic

Dr. Farhad Nassiri Afshar, MD, FRCPC

Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor 

Medical clinic workspace with stethoscope and icons representing various healthcare policies.

Ensuring a Smooth and Respectful Healthcare Experience

Our clinic policies are designed to provide a safe, efficient, and respectful environment, covering all aspects of operations to ensure the well-being of patients and staff.


Appointment Procedures and Expectations

Book appointments in advance and complete necessary forms within 24 hours to avoid cancellation. A $50 late cancellation fee applies for cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment. We only serve adults aged 18 and older. Patients must provide clear reasons for visits at booking and present a government-issued ID and insurance card at the clinic.

In-Clinic Conduct and Safety Measures

Patients are expected to behave respectfully. We allow a maximum of one adult companion per patient and discourage bringing children under 15. Cell phone use and photography are prohibited. Adherence to safety measures, including prohibitions on disruptive behavior and smoking, is mandatory.

Health Information and Treatment Cooperation

Providing complete and accurate health and insurance information, including social security numbers and accurate insurance details, is crucial. Patients who don't follow the agreed-upon treatment plan are responsible for the undesirable consequences.

Payment and Billing Policies

Timely payments are required before visits. This includes settling copayments and deductibles beforehand. For those opting to pay via credit card, a processing fee of 3.99% is applied to the transaction.

Telemedicine Services for Safe Care

 Opt for telemedicine in case of symptoms like cough, fever or if diagnosed with communicable diseases

No-Pets Policy 

To ensure a safe environment, our clinic enforces a No-Pets Policy, with an exception only for service dogs. This policy is part of our commitment to maintaining a secure and comfortable setting for all our patients.

Parking Validation Policy

We offer parking validation exclusively for the duration of your medical visit, as part of our efforts to enhance convenience for our patients while they receive our services.

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