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Welcome to Irys Medical Clinic – Excellence in Healthcare

Dr. Farhad Nassiri Afshar, MD, FRCPC

Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor 

View of Irys Clinic entrance with an open door and serene beach-themed decor, located in Honolulu.

Our Commitment to Your Health

Located in the heart of Honolulu, Irys Clinic stands as a pillar of comprehensive healthcare, offering exceptional internal medicine and primary care services. Our dedication goes beyond medical expertise; we're committed to building lasting relationships and fostering a healthier community.

Pauahi Tower at Bishop Square, Honolulu, a high-rise building housing Irys Medical Clinic.

Our Medical Expertise

Led by Dr. Farhad Nassiri, our team of highly qualified professionals is specialized in managing a broad spectrum of illnesses. We prioritize evidence-based, patient-centered care, focusing on both immediate health concerns and long-term well-being.

Inside Irys Clinic with a reception desk and calming beach art, offering a tranquil visit in Honolulu.

Welcoming New Patients – We’re Here for You

Irys Clinic is excited to welcome new patients. If you’re seeking a healthcare partner that values your well-being and is located near you, look no further. Our doors are open for comprehensive, personalized medical care.

Modern examination room at a medical clinic with a patient bed, medical equipment, and a view of Honolulu buildings.

Your Trusted Health Partner

At Irys Clinic, we understand the importance of accessible and personalized healthcare. We are proud to be a part of the Oahu community, readily accepting new patients and ensuring that quality care is available to all.

Consultation rooms at a medical clinic with diplomas on the wall, showcasing professional accreditation in Honolulu.

Upholding High Standards of Professionalism

Irys Clinic is synonymous with high-standard professionalism, evidenced by our associations with renowned institutions like Queens Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, and Hawaii Pacific Health. Our board-certified internal medicine team, committed to the ideals of the American Medical Association, ensures exceptional care for our patients.

Comfortable waiting area at Irys Clinic with seating, green plants, and a serene beach canvas, reflecting a peaceful atmosphere.
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